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Isha Kriya – guided meditation with Sadhguru

    Translation of Bhajan sung by Sadhguru

    yogarato vā bhogarato vā
    saṅgarato vā saṅgavihīnaḥ |
    yasya brahmaṇi ramate cittaṁ
    nandati nandati nandatyeva || 19 ||

    One can enjoy yoga (union with God) or bhoga (worldly enjoyment);
    One can enjoy company or solitude;
    But one whose mind enjoys Brahman (spiritual truth);
    Only he enjoys true bliss and is satisfied like no other.

    satsaṅgatve nissaṅgatvaṁ
    nissaṅgatve nirmohatvam |
    nirmohatve niścalatattvaṁ
    niścalatattve jīvanmuktiḥ || 9 ||

    Staying in the company of good people (saints) develops non-attachment;
    From detachment comes freedom from delusion and illusion;
    And the destruction of the illusion allows you to gain awareness and spiritual stamina;
    Concentrated on the absolute truth already in this life receives liberation.

    punarapi jananaṁ punarapi maraṇaṁ
    punarapi jananī jaṭhare śayanam |
    Iha saṁsāre bahu dustāre
    kṛpayā’pāre pāhi murāre || 21 ||

    Again birth, again death, again rest in the womb;
    How difficult it is to cross this boundless ocean of samsara (the cycle of birth and death);
    But by your infinite mercy it is still possible;
    O Murari (Krishna)! Protect and save me (from this transmigration process).

    These are verses from the Bhaja Govindam bhajan, an 8th century Sanskrit work written by Sri Adi Shankaracharya.


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