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Mudras – the meanings of the fingers

    Mudra in translation from ancient Sanskrit means “seal”. Mudras are considered to be a kind of ancient sign language, a special position of the fingers and hands. Each mudra carries a meaning, and first of all, it is a sacred bioenergetic practice. The special position of the hands and fingers changes the flow of energy in our body.


    Meaning of fingers

    First finger (thumb) represents the wind element. It also corresponds to the first chakra – muladhara. In addition, the first finger is responsible for the activity of the brain. Impact on this finger improves the condition of the brain and lymphatic system.

    Second finger (index) is responsible for the element of fire in the body. Corresponds to the throat chakra – vishuddha. Impact on the index finger stimulates digestion, intestines, nervous system, affects the spine.

    Third finger (middle) is responsible for the element of earth. Corresponds to manipura, the third chakra. The middle finger is responsible for the pancreas, spleen, circulatory system. In addition, it is believed that massage of the middle finger helps to cope with nervous disorders, anxiety, anxiety.

    Fourth finger (ring finger) corresponds to the ajna chakra, the third eye. In Chinese tradition, it corresponds to the metal element. Responsible for the functioning of the liver, lungs, endocrine system.

    Fifth finger (little finger) – personifies the element of water. Corresponds to the heart chakra – anahata. Responsible for the functioning of the bladder and kidneys. In addition, stimulation of the little finger relieves panic. fears, normalizes the psyche.

    Gyan Mudra (Knowledge Gesture)

    mudra-value-of-fingers-3It is easy to connect the index finger and thumb pad, straighten the remaining fingers.
    This mudra will help stop the internal dialogue, improve thinking, memory will be activated, potential opportunities will be concentrated. Mudra is relevant for scientists, philosophers, thinkers and for those who want to activate the above abilities. The following chakras are activated: Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, personal consciousness “I” is activated.

    Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)

    mudra-value-of-fingers-4Connect the pads of the ring finger, thumb and little finger, straighten the other fingers.
    When you perform this mudra, you will increase efficiency, vigor, improve overall well-being, there will be an alignment of the energy potential throughout the body, an increase in vitality, and endurance will appear. The following chakras are involved: Sahasrara, Manipura, Svadhisthana, Muladhara. The whole body is activated.

    Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of the Earth)

    mudra-value-of-fingers-5Connect the pads of the ring finger and thumb, pressing a little, straighten the rest of the fingers. Our bodies are built from the primary elements of the Earth. Therefore, mudra is performed if your psychophysical state of the body has worsened or during stress. When performing mudra, an objective assessment of one’s own personality takes place, protection from negative external influences is activated. The following chakras are activated: Sahasrara, Manipura, the astral body is harmonized and activated.

    Apana Mudra (Mudra of Energy)

    mudra-value-of-fingers-6Connect together the middle, ring and thumb with pads, the rest – freely straighten.
    Mudra of Energy is recommended for diseases of the genitourinary system, spine; helps to cleanse the body of poisons and toxins.
    Has an analgesic effect. Chakras are activated: Sahasrara, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhisthana.

    Mudra Chalice of Chandman (nine jewels)

    mudra-value-of-fingers-7Four fingers of the left hand support from below and clasp the fingers of the right hand, the thumbs of both hands are freely set aside, forming the handles of the bowl.
    The nine jewels make up the body, mind and consciousness of a person, as well as the surrounding world. by collecting all nine jewels in one bowl, we affirm the unity of the soul and body, the unity of man and the cosmos.
    A filled bowl symbolizes well-being and prosperity.

    Mudras are very often used in all sorts of meditations. The mantra “SA TA NA MA” is not only a cure for insomnia, but, in general, a meditation for cleansing and getting rid of addictions, bad habits and everything unnecessary. It has five basic sounds: S, T, N, M and A. SA means “birth”, TA – life, NA – death, MA – rebirth. The fifth sound is A, meaning “coming.” At the same time, for each syllable (Sa Ta Na Ma), you need to alternately do different mudras, starting with the contact of the thumb with the index finger and ending with the contact of the thumb with the little finger.


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