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Hut by the sea

    For happiness, it is not necessary to have an expensive mansion. A family from Massachusetts bought an old barn on the New England coast, which was originally intended to store tackle for fishermen, and turned it into an incredibly stylish and comfortable home.


    Located at the end of a narrow pier, the house is surrounded by water on all sides at high tide. The new owners tried to keep the original atmosphere of the hut.


    Stylish furniture complements the interior in Provence style. The house has two comfortable bedrooms, and one of them is located directly above the kitchen.


    The repair is very simple and budget – the walls and frames are cleaned of old paint and painted white, and the floors are carefully sanded and varnished.


    The compact kitchen has everything you need. But the most important part of the house is the terrace on the deck, where the owners spend their days basking in the sun and enjoying the view of the sea and the sound of the surf.


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