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Container house

    It is quite common for people to build houses using unusual building materials. One of these materials, which has recently become very popular among architects, is the usual metal container, which is used for sea freight.


    Claudie Doubel from Canada decided to build a house using this technology. The girl ordered four containers, and used them as a supporting frame for the whole house. After two weeks of preparing the containers, the construction team assembled the frame of the house from them in one day. Outside, the containers were covered with pine cladding. Inside, the bulkheads are painted and fragmentarily present in the interior. Huge panoramic windows visually expand the interior space.


    A spiral staircase and a loft-style bookcase harmoniously fit into the interior. The kitchen looks like a galley on a ship and is fully equipped with everything you need.


    Claudie took an original and rather unusual solution for the master bedroom, in the style of bohemian hotels – the space of the room is open and fully combined with a bath and shower.


    And on the top floor there is a spacious terrace and a platform with an outdoor shower. Interesting architectural solutions for a house assembled from containers.



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