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Small house on wheels

    Gabriella and Andrew Morrison have long dreamed of owning their own home. But, as you know, a big house requires big investments. The Morrisons decided not to take out loans to buy a spacious home, but created their own project of a tiny hOMe mobile home with an area of 20 square meters. Despite the small space, almost all the functional areas inherent in ordinary full-fledged houses fit in the hOMe house.


    There is a full kitchen equipped with a gas stove, sink and refrigerator. On the second tier there is a double bed in the form of a mattress, and under the stairs leading to the bedroom there is a wardrobe.


    A compact dining table for 2 and a fireplace create a cozy living room atmosphere. There is also a shower room, a hand wash basin and a bio-toilet equipped with a modern plumbing and sewerage system.


    Andrew was self-employed, and according to him, it took them about $33,000 to build this house. Not everyone shares the enthusiasm of the spouses in striving to live in such a small house, but its compactness and mobility can arouse great interest among people who travel and want to live in nature.

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