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Ecocapsule – housing with the spirit of freedom

    Ecocapsule - мобильный маленький дом

    Ecocapsule is an energy-saving house built using new technologies and packed in a compact case. It combines an energy-efficient form, small volume and off-the-shelf capability with the luxury of a warm bed, clean water and a hot meal.
    Although small in size, this house is comfortable for two adults. Its laconic spatial solution allows you to enjoy domestic amenities in conditions where there is no electricity, water or sewerage. Built-in kitchenette with running water, toilet and hot water shower – all this is now available even in the desert. The ecocapsule also has enough storage space for sports or scientific equipment.


    Despite its small size, the ecocapsule is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and long stay without the need for recharging or re-supplying energy resources. It is powered by a built-in wind turbine on windy days and during good weather from an array of solar panels on its roof. The dual power system and high capacity battery ensures that the house will have enough power during periods of reduced solar activity or wind. The spherical shape of the body is optimized to collect rainwater and dew, and the built-in filters reliably purify any source.


    Ecocapsule fits into a standard shipping container and is also suitable for transportation by any means of transport around the world.


    Ecocapsule is a portable house that provides comfortable living with unlimited duration. The mobility and flexibility of this house allows it to be used in a wide range – from an independent research station to a tourist lodge anywhere in the world.







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