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Bamboo house

    Дом из бамбука

    American Elora Hardy left her successful career in the NY Fashion Scene to build bamboo houses in Indonesia. The people of Bali and her team have spent the last 5 years developing bamboo house building technology, believing that the material is underutilized but ideal for building as a renewable resource. The only drawback is insect attack, but Elora uses boron to solve this problem.




    Elora was inspired to build houses from bamboo by her father, who considered bamboo to be the most suitable material for building houses in Bali. “It’s a very sustainable material that never ends. And when I first saw it about six years ago, I just thought it had a great future,” says Elora.





    Bamboo has the compressive strength of concrete, a strength ratio comparable in weight to steel, and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Insect damage and moisture are its only drawbacks, but if treated properly, bamboo structures can last for decades.

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