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Floating hotel

    Плавучий отель

    An interesting project, which won the main prize at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards, was presented to the public by the Serbian design studio Salt & Water. This is a concept of a floating hotel, which, according to the designers, will combine the comfort of a stationary hotel and the romance of traveling on a yacht.


    The main building of the Hotel will have a reception area, a cafe, a restaurant, a lobby for events and other premises. The whole complex will be a specific building along the lake shore, to which number yachts will be able to moor, in the form of a separate floating catamaran.


    Yachts-numbers can at any time give up their moorings, and after leaving the pier, and set sail on the lake in search of the most romantic place for swimming, diving or fishing.



    Each room is designed for 2-4 people where there is everything necessary for an autonomous existence – a living room with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a beach deck, an open terrace and, of course, a captain’s bridge.


    With the help of special paths-berths, these rooms-blocks will be interconnected to form bizarre architectural structures, in which the view from the window changes every day.
    Great idea that deserves to be implemented.

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