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Hotel – submarine

    Отель - подводная лодка

    One travel company has found an unusual way for lovers to spend a romantic weekend. Oliver’s Travels offers to take a trip on a real submarine, with a mini-hotel for two on board.


    The submarine, mysteriously named Lovers Deep, fits the interior of a five-star hotel, with its own living room, bedroom and bar. Her luxurious furnishings harmoniously intertwine traditional yacht design with laconic and modern high-tech style.


    You can go on a trip on board from any of the Caribbean islands. If desired, guests can independently choose a further route. Upon arrival at the boat by boat or helicopter, the couple will be offered a dinner with champagne, caviar, oysters and chocolate. Rose petals on the bed will complement the romantic atmosphere.


    The only sobering moment in this tale is the price. One night aboard Lovers Deep for two will cost $285,000, which not everyone can afford.

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