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Heaven on earth for $15,000

    Рай на земле за 15000 долларов

    A story about the profitability of investments in foreign real estate.
    Australian housewife Melita Kaulmandes Hunter bought an abandoned island in Cambodia for just $15,000 and turned it into a luxury island resort.


    How much she invested in the arrangement of the island and the construction of the hotel remains behind the scenes. Obviously much more than the price of the island itself. However, the fact speaks for itself, instead of a new middle-class car, you can buy a whole island abroad. What to do with it then? This is the talent of a businessman – to see an opportunity, direct efforts in the right direction and create a profitable business. Melita succeeded in all this: her own island in warm azure waters and a good income.


    Her hotel called Song Saa Resort has 27 villas, a Khmer restaurant, a bar, and spa services. The food is only local and the most useful. All structures on the island are made from natural or recycled materials such as wood and stone. Almost all resort employees are Cambodians from other islands or from the mainland.


    A day’s stay on the island costs about 870 dollars. This is a lot, but there are always plenty of tourists who want to visit this island. You can not only rent a villa, but also buy it. True, the price is high, from 600 thousand to 1.7 million dollars for a hut. You can get to the island by boat from Sihanoukville or by helicopter from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

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