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Own uninhabited island

    The forty-year-old Englishman quit his job as a newspaper editor and moved to his own uninhabited island in the Seychelles, where he began a completely new life.

    For more than 50 years, the island was completely forgotten and abandoned until he met his Robinson in the person of Brandon Grimshaw. The small island of Moyenne, only 480 meters long and 300 meters wide, cost an Englishman £8,000 in 1964. Then the island could not boast of fertile soil and diverse fauna, so for forty years Brandon and his assistant Rene restored valuable nature on this small piece of land.


    How beautiful this corner, forgotten by everyone, became when tropical trees grew over the entire surface, thousands of local birds and animals found their homes, and convenient walking paths about 5 kilometers long appeared. The real treasure of the island were hundreds of giant tortoises, which in the Seychelles were almost completely exterminated. It was here that their life flourished and gave the island the status of a national reserve in 2008.


    This place became so famous that it began to attract foreign tourists, and Brandon Grimshaw himself even received an offer to sell his house for $ 45 million. Of course, the Briton refused, because what he created is not worth any money.
    Even after his death in 2012, the island remained the same embodiment of heaven on earth.


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