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Largest cruise ship

    Круизный лайнер Allure of the Seas

    Imagine that one of the blocks in Las Vegas is floating in the ocean and there are 7,500 people on it, of which 2,500 are employees and staff. Imagine an ice skating rink, a golf course, basketball and volleyball courts, a fitness center, a spa, a bowling alley, climbing walls and infinity pools. And then you will take away the largest cruise ship in the world for 2015 – Allure of the Seas.


    The liner consists of two huge superstructures similar to two adjacent houses, connected by passages. Between them is a space with a green area, shops and cafes. On the roofs of these “houses” – swimming pools and deck chairs.


    Allure of the Seas has a lot of pools for every taste – adults, children, with slides or fountains. There is a basketball and volleyball court, several areas for playing tennis, as well as a mini-golf course. The liner has real “waves” that you can ride on a surfboard.


    Between the “houses” of Allure of the Seas are bars, cinemas and Central Park – an open space with trees and plants, as well as two walls for climbing.


    A special floor is reserved for shops, bars and restaurants. There is even a rare car to give the space chic and luxury. The central hall is intended for shows and concerts that take place in the evening.


    On the captain’s bridge, the first officer controls the ship. The ship has no steering wheel, and its three huge propellers have an amplitude of 360 degrees. Tracking the course is carried out by the latest control system of the liner.


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