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Arabic wisdom – 10 quotes

    Арабская мудрость - цитаты

    The East is a delicate matter… Arab proverbs and aphorisms have absorbed the wisdom accumulated over the centuries, the experience of dozens of generations. We offer you 10 quotes – sayings that are distinguished by figurativeness and conciseness, which have firmly entered the Arabic language and have become “winged” expressions:

    1. When you speak, your words should be better than silence.
    2. Denying mistakes is a double mistake.
    3. With gentle words and kindness, you can lead an elephant by a thread.
    4. Winds don’t blow the way ships want.
    5. Who is looking for a friend without flaws, he remains alone.
    6. If at least one flowering branch remains in your soul, a singing bird will always sit on it.
    7. Having conquered pride, a person becomes pleasant. Overcoming anger, he becomes cheerful. Having overcome passion, he becomes successful. Having overcome greed, he becomes happy.
    8. The best master is the one who knows how to command himself.
    9. Victory shows what a person can do, and defeat shows what he is worth.
    10. Men who do not forgive women for their small flaws will never enjoy their great virtues.

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