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10 Jung quotes to help you understand yourself better

    Карл Густав Юнг

    Carl Gustav Jung is a student of Sigmunt Freud who can be called a positive psychologist and philosopher. In any neurosis or depression, he saw an impulse to expand consciousness. Here are 10 of his quotes that will help you understand and accept yourself as we are:

    1. Do not hold back the one who leaves you. Otherwise, the one who comes to you will not come.
    2. Children learn from the example of an adult, not from his words.
    3. The heaviest burden that falls on the shoulders of a child is the unlived life of his parents.
    4. Everything that does not suit us in others allows us to understand ourselves.
    5. Your vision will become clear only if you can look into your heart. Who looks outside – sees only dreams, who looks into himself – wakes up.
    6. Loneliness is not due to the absence of people around, but the inability to talk with people about what seems important to you.
    7. What you resist remains.
    8. Depression is like a lady in black. If she comes, do not drive her away, but invite her to the table as a guest and listen to what she intends to say.
    9. Whoever has not gone through the purgatory of his own passions has not overcome them to the end.
    10. I am not what happened to me, I am what I decided to become.

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