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War of the sexes

    Война полов

    Why do we wander through this life in search of a couple, suffer and wait for a gift from above, that someone will love us or we will love someone? Why are we looking for so long and not finding it? Why, instead of understanding and accepting, do people not see, hear and understand each other? Why choose not the one they wanted, and then bitterly disappointed in their choice? Let’s try to understand and answer all these questions.

    Evolution theory

    Biological evolution (in Latin evolutio – deployment) is a natural process of development of wildlife, accompanied by a change in the genetic composition of populations, the formation of adaptations, speciation and extinction of species, the transformation of ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. As you know, the main law of evolution is interspecific and intraspecific competition and the struggle for existence, where the strongest survive. Or, as Charles Darwin put it more accurately: “It is not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the fittest.”

    Выживает сильнейший

    Natural selection

    Evolution by natural selection is the process by which mutations are fixed that increase the fitness of organisms. Natural selection is often referred to as a “self-evident” mechanism because it follows from simple facts such as:

    – Organisms produce more offspring than can survive;
    – In the population of these organisms there is hereditary variability;
    – Organisms with different genetic traits have different survival rates and ability to reproduce.

    Such conditions create competition between organisms for survival and reproduction and are the minimum necessary conditions for evolution through natural selection. Thus, organisms with inherited traits that give them a competitive advantage are more likely to pass them on to their offspring than organisms with inherited traits that do not.

    The central concept of the concept of natural selection is the fitness of organisms. Fitness is defined as the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce, which determines the size of its genetic contribution to the next generation. However, the main thing in determining fitness is not the total number of offspring, but the number of offspring with a given genotype (relative fitness). For example, if the offspring of a successful and rapidly reproducing organism are weak and do not reproduce well, then the genetic contribution and, accordingly, the fitness of this organism will be low.

    A special case of natural selection is sexual selection, the substrate of which is any trait that increases the success of mating by increasing the attractiveness of an individual to potential partners. Traits that have evolved through sexual selection are particularly evident in the males of certain animal species. Such traits as large horns, bright coloration, on the one hand, can attract predators and reduce the survival rate of males, and on the other hand, this is balanced by the reproductive success of males with similar pronounced traits.

    As a person, no one needs you. You are only needed as a means. A means in the form of protection from enemies or in the form of a lair owner where you can hide and give birth to offspring, or in the form of a getter of food and clothing. What you think and what you feel is of no interest to anyone. What is interesting is how well you perform your functions as a vehicle for which you were chosen.

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