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Aging can be delayed

    Старость можно отсрочить

    At the word “old age” images of feeble old people, helpless before the difficulties of life, come to mind. However, this image can be reversed. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity is the key to success in the fight against old age and the inevitable aging of the body. It will not be possible to completely defeat old age, but it is possible to maintain self-esteem, a strong body and a sound mind.

    One of the fundamental methods to delay the aging of the body is systematic physical activity. It is a well-known fact that in the weightlessness of space, astronauts’ bones become brittle very quickly, and their muscles atrophy. Therefore, everyday physical exercises are a mandatory program for astronauts.

    Why is this happening? An evolutionary mechanism works in nature, cutting off the unnecessary and unused and giving energy and strength to what is vital. If there is no load on the bones and muscles, then from the point of view of the body, this is not necessary for survival and you can not waste resources on maintaining unnecessary elements in shape. So over time, bones and muscles atrophy in older people, because they begin to move less. But if you play sports even at an advanced age, the result will be obvious.

    Here are examples of people who were able to delay old age:

    Андреас Кахлинг

    Andreas Kahling – 63 years old

    Джеффри Лайф

    Geoffrey Life – 72 years old

    Светозар Никочевич

    Svetozar Nikochevich – 60 years old

    Честер Йортон

    Chester Yorton – 75 years old

    Робби Робинсон

    Robbie Robinson – 66 years old

    Билл Грант

    Bill Grant – 69 years old

    Сэм Брайант

    Sam Bryant – 72 years old

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