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Famous bachelors of the planet

    Знаменитые холостяки планеты

    The list of famous bachelors of the planet is huge – here are Voltaire with Plato, and the singer of love Petrarch, and the harsh Dante, and Spinoza, as well as Kant and Beethoven. Boccaccio, Brahms, Voltaire, Lewis Carroll, Leibniz, Lermontov, Gogol, Liszt, Petrarch, Raphael, Robespierre, Chopin, Schubert were never married… They say that Michelangelo did not know women until the age of 60, and Newton never died a virgin . Balzac lived all his life as a bachelor and married a few months before his death. Tchaikovsky’s marriage lasted only 19 days. Pyotr Ilyich simply ran away from the missus. Beethoven was a reference bachelor in terms of domestic turmoil – books and sheet music lay everywhere in his apartment mixed with leftover food, full and empty bottles. The bachelor Isaac Newton cooked for himself and one day, thinking about something important while preparing breakfast, he threw his watch into boiling water instead of a chicken egg …

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519), the great Italian artist (painter, sculptor, architect) and scientist (anatomist, naturalist), inventor, writer, musician, one of the largest representatives of the art of the High Renaissance, a vivid example of the “universal man”. Leonardo had many friends and students. As for love relationships, there is no reliable information on this subject, since Leonardo carefully concealed this side of his life. He was not married, and nothing is known about novels with women. According to some versions, Leonardo had a connection with Cecilia Gallerani, the favorite of Lodovico Moro, with whom he painted his famous painting “Lady with an Ermine”.


    Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727), the greatest scientist on the planet, physicist, mathematician and astronomer, one of the founders of classical physics. The author of the fundamental work “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”, in which he outlined the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics, which became the basis of classical mechanics. He developed differential and integral calculus, color theory, laid the foundations of modern physical optics, created many other mathematical and physical theories. He did not know any other pastime, except for scientific studies. He did not attend theaters and street spectacles, did not ride a horse, did not swim. When they left him alone, he sat impassively at the table … He did not marry because a woman could distract him from science.


    Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804), German philosopher, founder of German classical philosophy, standing on the verge of the eras of enlightenment and romanticism. Heine wrote: “Kant lived the mechanically measured, almost abstract life of a bachelor. He did not know the charm of female affection. In his declining years, he said: he is very glad that he avoided mechanical bodily movements devoid of metaphysical meaning … ”


    Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850), French writer, one of the founders of realism in European literature. The largest work of Balzac is a series of novels and short stories “The Human Comedy”, which paints a picture of the life of a modern writer of French society. All his life he felt affection for only one woman – the Russian Countess Evelina Ganskaya. After waiting for Ganskaya to become a widow, the writer proposed to her. In March 1850, the wedding took place in Berdichev, and a few months later Balzac died.


    Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875), Danish prose writer and poet, author of world-famous fairy tales for children and adults: The Ugly Duckling, The King’s New Dress, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Princess and the Pea, Ole Lukoye , “The Snow Queen” and many others. Even in his youth, the famous storyteller fell in love with the Swedish singer Jenny Lind, accompanied her to London and Berlin, but did not achieve reciprocity. Since then, he took an oath not to marry, which he followed until his death. And he immortalized the image of his beloved woman in the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”.


    Nikolai Gogol (1809 – 1852), Russian prose writer, playwright, poet, critic, publicist, recognized as one of the classics of Russian literature. He came from an old noble family Gogol-Yanovsky. It is not known a single woman with whom the writer would live. Rozanov wrote: “He undoubtedly did not know women, that is, he seemed to have no physical appetite for them.”


    Lewis Carroll (1832 – 1898), English writer, professor of mathematics at Oxford University, logician, philosopher, deacon and photographer. The most famous works are “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking-Glass”, as well as the humorous poem “Hunting the Snark”. Lewis Carroll never married and never had any serious relationships with women at all.


    Nikola Tesla (Serb. Nikola Tesla, (1856 – 1943), a brilliant inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering, engineer, physicist. Widely known for his contribution to the creation of devices operating on alternating current, polyphase systems and an electric motor, which made it possible to make the so-called , the second stage of the industrial revolution. He is also known as a supporter of the existence of the ether: numerous of his experiments and experiments are known, which aimed to show the existence of the ether as a special form of matter that can be used in technology. The innovative scientist Nikola Tesla never married and deliberately refused sexual He believed that sex would distract him from scientific work.


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