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Can memories be erased?

    Можно ли стирать воспоминания?

    Some tragic memories haunt us all our lives, causing us to suffer repeatedly, although their cause has long been absent. Is it possible to forget or erase an unwanted memory?

    Memory is an incredibly complex process. Any memory involves the entire brain, restoring the neural connections involved in this event. In these changes, special proteins of the brain are activated, without which the process of remembering would be impossible.

    Every time we remember something, we rewire our brain over and over again. That is, in the process of any memory, we physically make changes to the brain that are transformed under the influence of our current thoughts. Remembrance is an act of creation and imagination, and the more we think about the past, the stronger it becomes, but at the same time more different from the original event.

    Therefore, it is possible to weaken an unwanted memory if you stop thinking about it. However, this is not very easy, and sometimes impossible, if this event turned our whole life upside down. And yet, scientists have found a way to cope with this problem, but so far the “oblivion pill” is only under development.

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