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Sayings of the richest people in the world

    Высказывания самых богатых людей в мире

    These people were able to achieve incredible heights. Their fortune is in the billions, and their names are on the first lines in the Forbes lists. How were they able to achieve this? Perhaps part of this can be understood by reading their own statements.

    Henry Ford

    • Every failure is an opportunity to start again, but this time more wisely.
    • An idealist is a person who helps others to get rich.
    • When I do not control events, then they control me.

    Thomas Edison

    • The biggest mistake is that we give up quickly when we just have to try again.
    • I have not been defeated. I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.
    • Never invent something for which there is no demand.

    Warren Buffett

    • Don’t trust an applause-inducing investment. The best investments cause yawns.
    • Be in the company of people better than yourself, and then rush in the same direction.
    • Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Always remember rule number one.

    Steve Jobs

    • If this day is the last of my life, will I do what I have planned?
    • Most often, people do not understand what they really need until you show it to them yourself.
    • The main thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is perseverance.

    Bill Gates

    • Enjoy what you do, and then you will never work in your life.
    • Your most unhappy customers are your biggest source of research.
    • Life is unfair – deal with it!

    Elon Musk

    • If something doesn’t break down, then it’s not innovative enough.
    • Running a business depends more on the dedication of people than on the product they sell.
    • You have to be Thomas Edison, not Nikola Tesla. The first one knew how to sell.

    Donald Trump

    • Confidence is a magnet that is sure to draw people to you.
    • You should dress for the job you want to have, not for the job you have.
    • There is nothing worse for a business than coming up with a great idea and not trying to implement it.

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