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Management Lessons from Henry Ford

    Генри Форд

    Paying employees for vacation
    At one of the factories of Henry Ford, a team of workers received money not for what they worked, but for what they rested. It was a maintenance crew that was responsible for the smooth running of the assembly line. They received money only when they sat in the rest room. But as soon as the red lamp was lit, giving a signal about the breakdown of the conveyor, the counter, which charged them with a salary, also stopped.
    In this regard, they always promptly made repairs in order to return to the rest room faster. In addition, they did a very high quality renovation so that they did not have to leave the room again due to the same malfunction.

    Unscheduled vacation for top managers
    Once Henry Ford gathered all the leaders of his company, and sent them on a two-week cruise in the Caribbean. When they returned, some of them got promotions and some were fired. Why did Ford do this?
    The fact is that the units that were temporarily left without a chief had to continue to work independently without failures. If the work went well, then the leader managed to organize everything competently. If the employees did not know what to do and production stopped, then without management they are not able to work and, of course, only the leader himself is to blame for this.

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