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Famous cover songs


    Pablo Picasso’s famous phrase goes like this: “A good artist copies, a great artist steals.” Is it bad or good to borrow other people’s ideas? As you know, nothing is born from emptiness, but any thing in nature is preceded by a thing that was before it. The new is created by transforming the old and nothing can be new under the sun, as King Solomon wrote. Many famous musical compositions are actually invented not by the people we know, but by completely different musicians. Here are just a few of them:

    «Sunny» Boney M
    However, the first performer was Bobby Hebb

    «Love Hurts» Nazareth
    It turns out that the Everly Brothers were the first to sing this song.

    «Behind Blue Eyes» Limp Bizkit
    The Who actually came up with this song

    «Go West» Pet Shop Boys
    And this song was first performed by the Village People

    «One Way Ticket» Eruption
    In fact, Neil Sedaka was the first to sing this song.

    «The Man Who Sold the World» Nirvana
    This song was written and performed by David Bowie

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