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America’s Golden Voice

    Френк Синатра

    When Frank Sinatra passed away, journalists wrote: “To hell with the calendar, the day Frank Sinatra died is the end of the 20th century.” But time has not stopped, and his beautiful, charming voice, with which they lived, under which millions of people around the world cried and loved, still sounds in our hearts.

    Frank Sinatra’s voice was distinguished by a beautiful timbre and velvety baritone, inimitable phrasing and drive, incomparable pronunciation in song texts. The songs performed by him entered the classics of pop and swing style (swing), and became the most striking examples of the pop-jazz manner of crooning singing (croon – sing in an undertone, quietly and soulfully).

    Francis Albert Sinatra was born on the second floor of an apartment building in Hoboken on December 12, 1915. Frank’s father, Martin Sinatra, was a shipyard worker, and his mother, Dolly, served as the local chairman of the Democratic Party. Both immigrated to the US from Italy – Martin from Sicily, and Dolly from the north, from Genoa. After the birth of his son, Martin could not find a permanent job at the docks, so he began to participate in boxing fights, where he became a local favorite. As for Dolly, it was she who was the head of the family – a strong, dynamic woman who loved her family, but paid more attention to her work than to her family. Due to her constant employment, she often left Frank with her grandmother for a long time.

    From an early age, Frank was interested in music, and already at 13 he worked part-time playing the ukulele in the bars of his city. In 1931, Sinatra was expelled from school for “disgraceful behavior.” As a result, he never received any education, including music. The young child prodigy selected songs by ear, without having learned the notes.

    We offer you to listen to the most famous songs performed by the musical legend of all time – Frank Sinatra:

    My Way is one of the most popular pop songs of the mid-20th century, with English lyrics written by Paul Anka for Frank Sinatra. Sinatra recorded a studio version on December 30, 1968, and in early 1969 the song was presented to the public and took high places in the US and UK music charts for a long time.

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