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The last primitive people on earth

    Северный Сентинельский остров

    North Sentinel Island is the last island on Earth inhabited by truly primitive people. Formally, the island belongs to India, but in fact, this is the most independent territory on the planet, because its inhabitants do not know and do not want to know about the rest of the world. The Sentinelese are considered the only known primitive peoples who are still untouched by civilization.


    The fact is that the island is located on the outskirts of trade routes and was of little interest for conquest, especially since the islanders, barely noticing the ships trying to moor, immediately began to fire at them with arrows. In the 1960s, a gift boat full of optimistic scientists and photojournalists was sent to the island, but as soon as they were within arrow flight, they were immediately attacked. Under a hail of arrows, they swam to the shore and left gifts on it: a pig, a doll, coconuts and several plastic buckets, and then quickly left.

    The islanders immediately buried the pig and the doll, the red buckets were accepted with obvious delight, and the green buckets were rejected with contempt. However, the gifts received did not at all endear them to the donors. The next time they again met the boat with a hail of arrows, after which the scientists had already decided to leave the Sentinelese alone.


    The islanders, for inexplicable reasons, do not make any contacts and stubbornly defend their original culture, which will certainly be destroyed, as soon as the natives of the Northern Sentinel join the benefits of civilization. Therefore, in case of increased interest from adventurers, the Government of India organized a coast guard in the waters of the island. If someone approaches the island, they will be arrested, fined and sent home. It seems that the Sentinelese still managed to defend their independence from tourists.


    There is no evidence that the tribe is engaged in agriculture or any elementary production. From the pictures taken from the helicopter it is clear that there are no areas on the ground that are typical for vegetable gardens. Apparently, the islanders live off gathering, hunting and fishing. However, they do not have boats, as they have never been seen crossing to other islands or fishing in canoes.


    As much as modern man would like to know more about wild people, closer contact threatens their complete extinction. Thanks to state policy, many tribes have not yet assimilated and died. Their originality and authenticity remain the same as thousands of years ago.

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