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Unusual animal friendship

    Необычная дружба зверей

    Anything can happen in the wild, even animal friendships between potential rivals like the brown bear and the gray wolf. The story of this friendship was captured by the famous Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen, who became an accidental witness to this unusual union.


    For ten days, the brave photographer watched as potential competitors and enemies in the wild, arranged friendly dinners every evening, sharing the caught prey with each other.


    Why did the bear and wolf create such an unusual union? According to Lassi, this most likely happened in the youth of the animals, when for some reason they were left alone, were not confident in themselves and did not know how to survive alone. By joining forces, the young animals managed to overcome the harsh conditions of the wild. They managed to support each other in especially difficult moments of their lives, and once becoming friends in misfortune, they remained together.


    “Together it is much easier to find food,” says the photographer. “I think that they feel very comfortable next to each other. During the 10 days that I watched them, they met and had a joint dinner, rested and played together.”


    The unusual friendship between a bear and a wolf proves once again that the impossible can become possible.


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