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Release of the album Lost Illusions by NORTES

    Гитарная музыка

    In 2011 RMC Records released the album “Lost Illusions” by Nortes.
    The idea of creating the Lost Illusions album arose after the cancellation of the previous project, which was created with the participation of vocal parts. Most of the tracks on this album have been reworked from vocal to instrumental. The title of the album reflects the state of the musicians at the time when the vocal project had to be closed. However, this turn of events played in favor of instrumental music and the birth of the new album “Lost Illusions”.
    The album went on sale in the chain of stores “Double two” in St. Petersburg.
    The release did not include the ninth composition called Bamboo Sword. The music was written under the impression of watching Yoji Yamada’s film “Twilight Samurai” based on the book “Bamboo Sword” by Shuhei Fujisawa.

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