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Formula for success

    Don’t waste time on things you’re not good at

    True professionals spend very little time on things they are not good at. We are often told to do what we are bad at, in order to teach us to understand many things. It is not right! After all, if we work a lot on our weaknesses, then in the end we will have many developed weaknesses, but not a single strong one.

    For example, any champion athlete is constantly honing his skills to a higher and higher level. Whatever sport we take, all champions have one thing in common – most of the time they work on their strengths, which nature has endowed them with. Very little time is spent on unproductive activities.


    God has given us all some talent or another. And a significant part of our life is devoted to understanding what they are, and then making the best use of them. For many, the process of learning their talents stretches for years, and some leave this world without ever knowing what their gift is. Such people exhaust themselves with struggle, because they spend most of their time in work that does not correspond to their strengths.

    It is very important to adequately understand what we are best at, since we will receive the greatest rewards in life if we devote most of our time to strengthening our strengths. And to determine them, it is enough to ask ourselves the question: What do we do best without any work and preliminary preparation?


    To understand how to apply our strengths in real life, we need to answer the following questions: What opportunities exist today to use our talents? What can we create thanks to them? What percentage of the time in one week do we spend doing what we do best?

    The essence of focusing on priorities is to set new boundaries that we will not cross. It is dangerous outside them, because where we are not competent, mental and financial dangers lie in wait for us. Within the area that is best known, it is safe and guaranteed to develop and become stronger. Focusing on priorities helps you achieve your goals. By making it a habit, we will succeed.

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